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In the market for new ice gloves....

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warm waterproof dexterous gloves.... who's got suggestions?

BD Ice Glove is my go-to, though I spend most the day leading in BD Torques and save the Ice Glove for descents...

BD punishers are super warm and have enough dexterity to lead with. May be a little too warm above 20* IMOP.

Anyone have experience with the BD Arc or Glide? They seem nice also....

I just looked over my gloves and I will be starting my third season on a pair of First Ascent Guide gloves. I have never been cold in them...even when other parts were freezing solid. The leather fingers and palms make tying knots and other tasks easier. They have worn amazing. I have over 100 days in them and they have some wear but I have no doubt the'll make it through this season. I do spray the leather twice a season with water proofer. I have never gotten wet in them but the leather was getting moist so I do it as a precaution.

kinkos insulated gloves, or any work gloves from home depot. when I'm climbing a lot, gloves last two seasons at the most. it's not worth it to me to pay $80 when you can get just-as-good gloves for $12. kinkos insulated gloves are the warmest gloves I've ever used. never needed to waterproof them myself, it's usually cold enough that it doesn't seem to be a problem I guess. (plus the waterproof treatment would wear off pretty quickly anyway.)


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