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Rubber for resoles


I need to get both my Miura Lace and Katana Lace resoled (one from wear and the other from delamination).

I see my choices as XS Edge, XS Grip/Grip2, Stealth C4, or Stealth Onyxx.
I am finding that Grip2 on my Scrapa Vapor is wearing way too fast for my liking and I had terrible pitting problems with C4 years ago (is this still the case?).

The KL came with XS Edge and I am inclined to stay with that assuming it is poor Sportiva quality control that led to the delamination and not the rubber itself.

So, what is the Onyxx like, compared to Edge or Grip/Grip2?  Has anyone tried it on a shoe like the Miura Lace or Katana Lace?
I think it is the standard rubber for the Anasazi and Galileo.

I know you may want to stay local BUT,, the rubber room in bishop is the best resoler in the land. They have all stuff and perfect work

Let them advise

Xs Grip is fantastic, but I would have to say that the Onyxx is a bit stickier and wears just as well as the XS Grip. Stay away from the edge IMO...delams, too stiff and lacks the sensitivity that I look for in a sole.


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