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Anyone venture up onto Willard today or hear word of conditions?

Mechanical Chris was in there... he mentioned dismal but I have no details... given the weather in the valley I would think...things are starting to look great up there fast... but I'm heading to Jersey for the holiday instead

Admin Al:
Not good right now, but getting better is what I heard. It's getting colder now by  the hour so I would be things will be solid again by Monday.

Upper Hitchcock, The Cleft were in good condition as of this past Thursday. East face right was climbable but probably took a hit with the rain on Friday and warm temps yesterday. Monkey wrench was in rough shape even last week with the last 25' solid rock and running water...exciting...but a bit of a PITA. Lower Hitchcock will be junk.


Went up Monkey Wrench to Upper Hitchcock to the summit yesterday.
Monkey Wrench was a little messy through the notch but fun. Upper Hitchcock was really nice actually.
Saw multiple parties go up the cleft.


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