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Looking at starting to buy my first cams.  I like helium friends.  I am having a hard time deciding between the 3 cam half size set or the whole size set.  The half size is about 2 bucks cheaper on sale right now.

So thats a 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 ???
I have used Friends since they came out and pretty much thought the half sizes were the best for NE climbing.  If you goto indian Creek or Yosemite, you for sure want #2 and 3 though... several of them  :)

I have a set of tech friends with half sizes included up to the #3. I like the half sizes since they are close to the whole ones and give you some additional options. Good alternative instead of buying doubles out of the gate when building a rack.

The half size set is .5,1.5,2.5.  I bout the whole size set.  I already have a full set of stoppers down to a #1.  Also a good selection of tricams and a few hexes.  So I figure I wont need the tiny ones too soon.  Now if I can get bacck up to north conway sometime i can go try them out.  I really want to do hotter than hell

Great start ! you won't regret buying Wild Country cams.
With that rack, do the Inferno finish to HTH, very good climb


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