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Things are pretty good up there... from the last 3 days in the notch:

Chia is doable but thin, Trestle Flows are great, Trestle slab is pretty good, Walk in Forest is good, Standard Left is do-able but thin, Standard Center is in, Standard Right is in but thin in spots, Standard Right Right is thin but good enough for some hard core folks, 2nd pitch of Penguin is in, Dracula is “in enough”, thin at top, Hanging Gardens is coming along great, the easiest line looks plastic in fully attached, and a party was TRing one of the “within routes” which looked quite doable... the slab to the right of Hanging Gardens is IN....

Further north Willey’s is reportedly in good shape, Cinema looks good, Gully 1 and Great Madness are very close to in.... Elephant Head is thin at top, but always is, Snotiscle is In... trestle cully in....

LOTS to do for not even New Years... time to update the ice report Al it is on!

Good for you lunatic ice climbers!

I have to hike out a mile or so and shovel the tops off my favorite highball boulder problems, this is the second snowstorm this week.

The snow will make for a better landing once I'm done!

I just do not get it.. I talk with Ed on the phone in the morning. It is stupid cold out. I am going Ice climbing, he is going rock climbing. I wear full winter clothes includeing dry gloves with hand warmers inside of them.(I bring 3 pairs to always have a dry pair) I stay just barely comfortable enough to have a great day. I talk to Ed in the evening and he tells me that it could have been a little more sunny and a bit less windy but it was awsome.. Did you folks get dropped on the head as babys?

Admin Al:
stuff is finally starting to come in and there is stuff to climb, but it's barely IN yet. I would sday by the middle of next week many things will actually be In at the consensus grades

Got get with the times. in the modern era of Global warming if it takes 10cm screws it is in :-*


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