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The 5 Most Impressive Climbs of 2012


Admin Al:
According to Wired Magazine - pretty interesting tho...

What did they say? I got waylaid by the add with the girl with the popsicle.

Admin Al:

at least they got the mazeno ridge, which is definitely the most impressive accomplishment. missing freddie and renan's tooth traverse is a glaring omission, IMHO.

"The pair climbed the 7861-meter (25,791 ft) mountain (located in Nepal, not far from Everest) in the alpine style, without the use of Sherpa support, fixed ropes, or bottled oxygen. Each of those elements is crucial to most expeditions in the Himalaya these days, and to go without any of them is almost unheard of."

Apparently 40 years after climbers started climbing Himalayan peaks in this way, it's still unheard of. (Not dissing their accomplishment, just the journalism.)


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