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Evolution Rock + Fitness Grand Opening

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Hey Climbers!!!

Be sure to come to the Evolution Rock + Fitness Grand Opening in Concord, NH this Sat, Jan. 5th! Northern New England's newest and largest climbing gym.    8)

The day will be full of fun activities including shoe demos, aerial yoga demos, a competition that has bouldering, slacklining, cross training challenge, and NH climbing trivia!! Team format - 2 people per team AND selected films from Uncommon Ground, Sick. Climbing In New England and Dosage.

Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook!!

Hope to see you all there!!

 Hily, will there be plenty of non competition climbing available that day? I am planning on coming up.

Yes! open climbing all day! Roped climbing will be going on during the competition too.


So there will be actual climbing going on at this "climbing" gym?


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