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Anyone see this yet?

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Looks like some ice down there :)

Oh god, the video isn't playing but the text is enough... Morons... sounds like they were definitely not "climbers"... but it still hurts the sports image IMO...

WRENTHAM, Mass. (WHDH) -- Crews rescued two men from the 110-foot ice and snow covered Joe’s Rock in Wrentham on Wednesday evening.
When crews arrived, one of the men was clinging to the face of the rock.
“He said he had one foot on a tree limb sticking out and his two hands holding onto a crevice in the rock. He couldn't move either way from that point,” said Chief Jay McMorrow, Wrentham Fire Department.
“He was actually laid out with his whole body against the rock and losing significant body heat because of that,” said Chief Robert Spurr, Avon Fire Department.
The two climbers, both 27 years old according to firefighters, climbed 50 feet up the rock without gear until they realized the temperature had plummeted and they were stuck. They used a cell phone to call for help.
“We tried to climb the rock prior to being on the trail. We are stick on the middle of it. Can’t get up or down,” one of the climber’s told a 911 dispatcher.
When the dispatcher asked if either of the men had climbing gear, one of the climbers responded, “No no...I am losing strength...”
“They were probably about like 45 to 50 feet up the side of the rock face. About a 45-degree angle to the ground. They both needed to climb down but realized they couldn’t get any farther; it was very, very icy. They found themselves both trapped, called for help,” said Leo Reardon, tech rescue team.
Three dozen crew members who are part of Norfolk County's tech rescue team -- with ladders, stretchers and 1,000 feet of rope -- set up the precarious rescue.
“I had to repel down. From there, I tied off to the first person and made sure he was all set. From there, I repelled down some to another victim and swung him over to a ladder, repelled down a little bit with him,” said Teddy Lambert, tech rescue team.
The man who was barely hanging on was taken to the hospital. The other man was checked out and released.
Crews say they were not geared up to be out in these elements.
“When the Wrentham personnel did finally get to him, he said he was not going to back able to hold on. Fortunately the response of the technical rescue team, they were able to get to them pretty quickly,” said Chief Jay McMorrow.
Firefighters say the climbers’ injuries were minor.

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There is a 110 ft. Ice & snow covered rock in Wrentham?


Must have grown from the 25 feet it was when I was last there.


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