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Varmints at Frakenstein

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Beware.  There is a red squirrel living at the base of Standard Route at Frankenstein in Crawford Notch NH.  The little bastard is chewing through pack lids looking for goodies.  He has done it down at the RR tracks also.  So far he has avoided attempts to dispatch him with ice axes.  If you leave your pack anywhere there, I would leave the lid unzipped.  I may bring a trap and some peanut butter next time I am there...

OK, time to hijack... what is so heavy in your backpack that you must leave it at the base of a 3 pitch ice route?

I know this is almost the norm, but all I have in my pack after racking up is my belay jacket, a bottle of water, a tiny 1st aid kit, and some munchy munchies... probably weighs less than 7 pounds... (Wild Things Ice Sack)....

So what is the benefit of leaving it on the tracks on a Grade 3 ice climb? 5.10 rock I can understand, but grade 3 ice? Just sayin’.... I would like to see ice climbers lead more with packs on... and less freezing cold hungry dehydrated seconds topping out on Standard...

I don’t even notice my pack on Grade 5... ice climbing ain’t rock climbing...

IMO to many new ice leaders own/use giant backpacks designed for hiking... not climbing...

Climbing without a pack is more fun than with one. You might think it's good training but the reality is that training just wears your body out... Save it for when you really need it. don't wear it out training YMMV :-[

I never thought of it as “training”. It’s 7lbs... how is that training? Seriously... a modern alpine pack with a belay jacket + water bottle does not effect your climbing... and if it does, time to turn it down a notch... YMMV I guess...

Easy to be all smug now. wait till you get a bit older and stuff starts to hurt :-[ 


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