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lucky luke:
wet snow avalanche are the worse, they happen every where without warning. There was a huge one in huntington ravine and people was kill many years ago. Wet avalanche are not just caused by rain, but by heavy snow. Moisture in the air are absorbed by the snow and the pack weight the danger increase.

in a snow storm, the snow flakes are light weight. The crystal flake is sharp and the snow hold better. From the direction of the wind, we can know where a corniche is form and we can see the direction of avalanches because many small of them occur without too much danger.

So can we explain that today the danger is moderate (can be trigger by human and natural are unlikely), and in a snow storm it is extremely dangerous?

"So can we explain that today the danger is moderate as it can be trigger by human and low as natural and in a snow storm it is extremely dangerous?"

As difficult as it it to understand just what it is you are asking, methinks I've figured it out.

It's because of the ethics of the avalanche.
Fresh snow is much more trad than that sporty wind slab.

JJ Jameson:
Ken, for the WIN.
I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to even start with a response to Luke's post, as I have NO IDEA WhAT THE F HIS POST WAS ABOUT!

Methinks that I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay too sober to even begin to understand Luke's post. However, I have some bourbon, scotch, and whiskey on hand, so...


an interesting article and an interesting presentation of information.

takes a while to get through, though.


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