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Are ice climbers terrorists?

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Department of Homeland Security has been forced to release the key words used in their data mining of social websites (Facebook, etc.).

Among the keys words terrorist are likely to use are (I'm not kidding): Storm, Snow, Sleet, Blizzard, and Ice.

Thank God they are keeping us safe!  I guess when you have 230,000 employees and not enough terrorists you need to create some.

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That's pretty funny because those words also seem to be among the most likely to be chosen by our own armed services when naming operations.

I dunno, those words frighten me   :)

all those sharp picks.....the ability to withstand a wide range of temps.....whatever will we do to avoid these Chilling Menaces :o
(I hope they don't catch on that I am part of this organization)

Send an ice climber...

To Dairy Queen...


Code Faaken Orange.


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