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My rope got a nice core shot yesterday and needs replacing.  I'm looking for a 60 or 70 meter bi-pattern dry rope.  Any recommendations?  I don't remember the diameter of my old one, but its close to a fire hose.  I'd like to avoid that if possible.  Any recommendations?  I get tired of wading through all the BS marketing of "our super nylon and stud dry coating."

Can't go wrong with either sterling or mammut ropes.


--- Quote from: neiceclimber on January 16, 2013, 11:16:02 am ---Can't go wrong with either sterling or mammut ropes.

--- End quote ---

I could not agree more.

Big fan of Mammut, no exp with Sterling.

My workaday single has been Bluewater Lightning Pro dry bi-color 60m.  On my third?
You've climbed on it, hobbsj.  I like it a lot. 

My halves are 8.5 Genesis Mammut, 2nd set.

Hope you're well.

Another vote for Sterling. Mine have lasted forever! Still supple and very manageable.


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