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Accident in King Ravine

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Somebody died in King Ravine today.  Was he a climber?  What happened? 

This references it but it really doesn't give much information.

Doesn't really matter I guess.  Prayers and condolences to his loved ones.

Admin Al:
I saw the report on the news this morning. hard to grok what really happened from that, however they must have slipped and fell. the last report I heard said that he had fell/slid 1500 feet! the snow up there is pretty bulletproof right now, like the fan in Huntington, so I could well imagine that scenario.

Some info I found from WMUR:

"Investigators said 64-year-old Richard Gabriele slipped on hard packed snow and fell. Fish and Game officers said he fell more than 1,500 feet down a 67% grade. The fall sent him tumbling down more than 950 feet in elevation. He died at the scene.

Investigators said the group had people from Maine and Texas. All were experienced and had the right equipment. Gabriele was the last person in the line and no one actually saw him fall."

I wish they wouldn’t use “67% grade”... can someone explain to me what angle that is?

Also, and we use better topic titles that “Details”?

OP, I think you can edit the topic title to actually say what this thread is about...


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