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Winter water sources on Presidential Range traverse?

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Looking to do the traverse in February in one day, including Jackson.  I have done it in one day to Clinton, carrying all my water, and have done it many years ago over four days where our stove stopped working.  We didn't find any water at Greenborough Spring, but were saved by a seep on the other side of the Lakes of the Clouds.

Looking to go super light so finding water would be helpful.



All sources above tree-line in February are HIGHLY unreliable to non-existent.

I would carry a Jet Boil for a one-day. Hydrate like crazy the day before (and on the drive to trailhead) and I would carry 2 32 oz water bottles + Jet Boil. One full can of fuel should be enough... that doesn’t weigh much and will let you re-supply almost anywhere...

Thanks, didn"t even think about melting.

Ward, you can borrow my JetBoil if you don't have one and get it right back to me. Just don't let Jimmy A poke a hole in it with an iceaxe.

Is snow melt potable w/o treatment (iodine, filtration, etc) if not heating it to 180F?
I suppose fresh snow is clean enough.  Yes?


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