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house bill on rescue coverage

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 The issue I have is first it will be a one time fee then someone will see a way to make money and make it an annual fee.

I think a lot of people would just take the risk of having to pay the flat fee in the event of a rescue....just because like you said....thw funding fromnthat "one time" $18 pass is gonna burn up quick.

AAC membership is definitely the way to go.  Hundred bucks a year gets 10K in rescue insurance, ANAM, AAJ, tons of discounts for gear and magazines, Library access, and tons more. 

I'd rather not give my money to Concord by choice.  My two cents

Did you notice the picture of Stonehouse Pond in the picture on the link?  Quite the popular crag these days.  Couple of accidents and now the center of attention.

Its interesting how the snowmobile and fisherman are said to pick up the slack.  I don't know about the boaters, but the snow sleds utilize a lot in funds.  Sure they are easier to access and therefor don't have the upfront cost that a hiker or climber rescue may have.  But, there's a lot more accidents (I imagine that the funds come from a different "pot" the same way people in a car accident aren't charged for police, but I'm just guessing).  And their accidents aren't always cut and dry to drive up with an ambulance. Look at the resources pulled in to the recovery of the bodies on Rangeley Lake this year. Plus the associated health care costs is huge.  Even more so from the perspective of surrounding states to NH since often those without insurance schlepped over to Maine Med. Even without a true rescue, the shear number of injuries is huge.
   If it stays an optional insurance for the public, that is awesome.  Not a lot of people even know what the AAC is, let alone rescue insurance through a 3rd party.  Colorado uses an annual fee and I think that's a great system.  But I forsee a couple of problems.  Like already mentioned, the one time fee becoming annual, but then becoming mandatory some how, like linked the to parking pass in the whites.  Although a flat fine would be great as it eliminates some of the number inflation that goes in to calculating the costs of rescues (ie billing for 8 rescuer although 4 were on duty to begin with or the fact that air rescues by the National Guard are largely accounted for in fuel costs as the pilots are usually out just getting flight time to stay current to begin with), but when does the fine get accrued?  Like an ambulance fee where its once aid is rendered, or once the call is made even though I bail myself out with the aid of some other climbing parties in the area?


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