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After shooting Erik climbing Diagonal earlier this month I hoped to get out for another day of shooting with him. Time passed and it didn't happen. So I put together the footage I shot that day. Enjoy.


We'll see if embedding works.

Edit: Nope


Admin Al:
very cool... a couple of observations:

1) "just hoping to survive..."

2) check out what looks like the feet coming off at about 1:48

Wow, great vid. That climb is on my top local “wants"... I love the 5.5 rock pitch in the summer and always thought it would be awesome in boots. What an amazing location for that upper pillar.

Erik’s a great ice climber, and while I watched 1:48 a couple times I didn’t see anything that looked sketched... of course... I didn’t see a lot of X position either ;)

“Just hoping to survive” Aren’t we all? Maybe a theatric statement but I think Erik’s pretty calculating...

Nice video, nice climbing-- inspiring stuff!


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