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Who has been out TODAY - thurs Jan 31

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I assume we have lost lots of ice in the last two days.  If you have been out in NH please report on the conditions...even a roadside driveby would be appreciated.  Am I stuck working on the house this weekend or what?

Admin Al:
you should have gotten the latest WM Report with pictures. if not email me and I'll send 'em along...

will you be posting it up Al? the only one posted is for the 24th i believe. :)

Thirty-six hours above freezing won't be a deal breaker.  It's COLD now and will be all weekend.  I bet it's going to be fantastic!

Admin Al:
this week's Report is now posted along with the Ice Report and pictures. if you sign up for the email version you get it first thing. I usually post it on line on Friday morning, but I've had a lot of folks asking for the details so I posted it now.


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