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Moderate mixed climbing suggestions?

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My interest has recently been brought to mixed climbing. I am looking for recommendations on moderate mixed climbs in NH. Preferably 3 or fewer pitches and preferably with good gear or bolts. The only mixed climbing I've done is the shoestring rock finish, p1 of hitchcock gully on willard, and p2 of the penguin (on TR) at Frankenstein. ANy suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The rock finish to Pegasus is super fun, safe and moderate.
Fixed pins x 3

Standard route on Cathedral is pretty cool as well.

Echo in Franconia Notch has real fun mixed climbing with good gear.  The only problem being the routes don't hang around often in warm weather which seems to be a problem these days. 

I'll second Cathedral Standard.. even I have done that one

Thanks for the quick responses. How was the crux pitch of standard at cathedral when you guys have done it? Ice climbing? Did it take screws? or unprotected rock climbing?


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