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Admin Al:
I saw a couple of new items that will be coming out from Petzl next fall.

one is a new super light ice screw called the Laser Speed Light. it's a little more than 1/2 the weight of their previous screw. the shaft and hanger are aluminum and the teeth are steel. apparently they have come up with a new design for the teeth that really bite. it's impressive...

the other is an ice screw sharpener called the LIM'ICE. it has a handle that moves back and forth. there are 2 holes that you put the screw into and move it back and forth and it cuts the correct angles on the teeth. I want one of these NOW!!!

unfortunately both of these won't be available until next season [SIGH] but you can check them out here:

Admin Al:
the ice screw is a neat color. the sharpener is made of a black nylon/plastic. you can also replace the file, which is thoughtful.


--- Quote from: Admin Al on February 01, 2013, 06:06:04 pm ---the shaft and hanger are aluminum and the teeth are steel.
--- End quote ---
I realize that for much of the year there is no water contact, but I wonder how they handled the corrosion issue....?

Admin Al:
Good question

Looking at the pic makes me think they anodized the aluminum for corrosion resistance.


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