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Admin Al:
Well I finally ditched the Karma option. I'd hoped that it would sort itself out,  ???  but apparently that was not to be.  :'(  I'm currently looking for a mod that gives a straight-up LIKE per post feature. that makes a bit more sense to me. kind of like the Facebook thing. if anyone knows of such a thing for the Simple Machines forum, let me know.


This is only my two cents, I'm not tryin' to start a shite storm.  It seemed to be working just fine.  Guys like Dale and Strand had pretty good standing with the points.  Guys who never stopped beating you over the head with the same debate, not so much.  There were a couple of exceptions( I never understood your karma points Al). 

Confession:  I hopped on the bandwagon towards the end and piled on a few negatives for Icefest.   I had no good reason other than the evil chuckle I got each time. ;D

Ice climbing is dangerous enough that we all should get nothing but good karma sent our way!


Glad to see it gone but would love to see:

Top 5 Negative Counts peeps

Top 5 Positive Counts peeps

Top 5 Positive by ratio pos/neg

Top 5 Negative by ratio pos/neg

How about hater and lover  points ????????


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