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Hollow Flows, Humphry's Ledge

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Has anybody out there climbed or know where the Hollow Flows are at Humphery's and where is the best parking on west side road. Asked the guys at IME and they looked at me like I had three heads. I have driven by multiple times but did not see a tell tale foot path. Any info would be great.

BITD john Tremblay did a NEI 6 there... when there were NO ??? 6's around

The way the guide book reads there are some good TR lines put up by "unknown". Is this the case?? It sounds like an interesting place to get away from weekend crowds....  Cheers.         Mark

walk past the new bolted area or follow the drainage from the road and you will find short ledgy choose your own adventure stuff scattered on the hill side.  Also, pitmans arch area on the right.

Thanks meclimber. I will take a look around in that area when I'm up next week. Just hope the snow compacts a little.


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