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Holy Snow Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!


Holy cow man. Knew the snow would be deep, but near 30" in Branford CT doesn't seem possible, but yet woke up to that this morning. What are the current totals thus far up in the Valley??? Will it be snow swimming to the climbing areas??

over/under bets on the number of idiots who get avved in the next week ????????????????   TEN ?

At least. I would go with an even dozen. I just finished post holing to crotch, I have a 32" inseam, and still wasn't touching dirt. Hopefully people have learned from other peoples fails!!!!!! KCCO.  Cheers.

Just talked to a friend 5 miles west of Boston.. I'm not telling where the snow came up to..

She had made jelly donuts to have post shovel with a hot jameson sidecar  NICE

Nice. the hot jameson side car sounds pretty good right now. Finished 5 hours of snow clearing right at beer o'clock, so the IPA's are a flowing!!!!


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