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Dumb things you do when you're young and inexperienced

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I had loaned this photo, a few years ago, to a girl working on a climbing movie. It popped up a few days ago, on the internet, and got me thinking about my lack of experience BITD.

This is a photo of a 1st ascent I did, with a few guys from the HMC, in 1967; only one year after I started climbing.  It is the South Ridge of Mt. Wallace, in the Bugaboos. There were 4-5 steep rock pitches, getting to this ridge, and we hadn't taken ice axes. There was no pro on the ridge, and in hindsight, we all were lucky nobody took the big slide.

I vaguely remember being worried about the exposure.

Admin Al:
wow - great picture, and definitely a great adventure. yes - you were very lucky. and since you guys were apparently roped together, a fall might have been catastrophic for all.

A lot of those HMC guys learned as they went  ;)

I totally agree.

I remember having those thoughts , at the time, but I have also seen many similar photo's taken by our experienced alpinist,

here in the Northeast.

At my age, I wouldn't do this type of thing today.

Nice Steve.
On my first trip to the mountains, I went to the East ridge Wolfs Head in the Wind Rivers. We figured it's only 5.5, it's easier than Thin Air for Gods sake, and we'll pitch it out, take our time and work it out. We arrived at the summit block at midday just in time for a spectacular electrical storm. I remember it like it was yesterday, after thirty years. Some of the best lessons are hard won I think.


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