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Given the current freeze/thaw, here's one i have always thought would be a cool ice/mixed line.

Right of Crack in the Woods and just left of Pumping Station is a wet,steep, crazy crack/corner. i have NEVER seen it dry during maybe 15 visits to this crag. the steep corner leads to pumping Station 5.10 hand/fist crack finish and this section of cliff is shaded

have fun !

Speaking of new stuff, did anybody get to ski/snowshoe out to the eastern Green's crags this winter? I had hoped to, but have had no chance and it doesn't look like I am going to get one. There is a sweet looking steep (some overhanging) wet gully out there that looks like it would provide great new routing potential. There is probably a bunch more there too.
In winter you would want to approach from below.

Sawyer pond is just down and right out of the picture.

I looked at Greens through a scope a month ago.  Granted it was the side you see from the Kanc but, I didnt see anything that looked in.  Is this picture left or right of the view from the Kanc?

This pic is to the right looking from the Kanc. A bit hard to see this section. The main green's faces mostly south .
A long approach from sawyer 'cause the road is closed

Right. From the Kanc the cliff with the cleft would be pretty much on edge, so you probably wouldn't be able to see much.  I took the photos from a long way away, actually from the right cliff at Owls, and then stitched them together. That is why it is so blurry. From the left cliff you would get a much better view. If I get a chance for a snowshoe I might run in there to get a better picture, or maybe just see how it is coming in from the north to the pond.


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