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Morton's Neuroma_looking for specialist surgeon, Manchester area?

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My girlfriend has got a bad case of Morton's Neuroma.  She began experiencing foot pain in late November.  She has seen a podiatrist who has given her two cortisone shots so far. These have not helped and Penni has done every configuration of orthotics and pads specific to treating this awful beast!  After reading this great thread on Mountain Projects we are thinking the best course of action is either to do the nerve relocation surgery or the full-on nerve removal:

Can anyone recommend a morton's neuroma specialist surgeon in the greater Manchester, NH area?

* We are interested in hearing other folks experiences specific to this problem. 
* The pros  and cons of full removal vs. relocation of the nerve. 
* All other therapy short of surgery seems to be a waist of time. 
* Short of surgery what other long term solutions are out there? 
She has physical therapy scheduled for February 28th- but she is inclined to cancel that and fire her pediatrist.  She is scheduled to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Michaud out of NH Orthopedics in Manchester in early March.  Any feedback on him or better doctor recommendations?

Good luck Jamie- the only thing I know about this evil is the PT part. I have a good friend who is a lifer PT/climber and she says it a waste of time for PT.

I seem to think Base had this ???

No help re:  local doc, but this topic has appeared over at ST a few times.

Good luck to your girl, Jamie.

I would have her avoid surgery at all costs. PT can go very very long way. Most of all she needs good foot wear....nothing with a heel and something that really supports your foot correctly. Yes a podiatrist can help her but she has to find a good one....inserts can calm the issue until she heals a bit and then good shoes after that will prevent flare-ups.
Surgeons do surgery...see one and need surgery. Avoid surgery for Mortons Neuroma. I have seen severe damage done from "nerve moving" surgery. None have seemed to stand the test of time. Normally it either comes back or your left with other lingering issues.
I know she's suffering. Being patient is hard when your hurting but doing the PT and getting a better Podiatrist would be my recomendation.

I am curious about your caution to avoid surgery at all cost. My orthotics do help, along with the right footwear, and the pads I adhere to the orthotics....but the fact that the 2 injections, especially this last one has made it worse, makes me leery about continuing with them. I've heard more negative results about the injections, and it seems to be what I am now experiencing. I do have a PT appointment set up in the next couple of weeks, can you tell me what the PT regiment is, or how PT might be beneficial.
Thanks, Penni


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