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Rappel Mistake - Double Check Always

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Yeah I do that too. I think that's the point of the OP though -- to remind people to be careful and double-check that stuff, test the rap by weighting it, etc.


That's what happened - only the ATC loop was clipped and not the ropes. And then the rappel was not weighted or tested while still anchored in. Making sure you do that was one of the first lessons I learned 30 years ago - thanks Doug Madara!

Dinosaur alert !!

carabiner brake


--- Quote from: strandman on February 19, 2013, 10:17:46 am ---Dinosaur alert !!

carabiner brake

--- End quote ---

That way you can drop a whole bunch of things at once instead of a single device.


--- Quote from: strandman on February 19, 2013, 10:01:21 am ---i always like to cinch up the rap lines , nice and tight, no slack in the system. This way you actually slack your clip in and weight the rap line.

--- End quote ---
Get out! I do the exact same thing.  Is the wierd or what? ;)

Just glad the guy learnt a lesson w/o a visit to the emergency room.


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