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New Twin Rope ??

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Anybody else hear about the new 6.9mm !!! twin from Edelrid !!  YIKES , that's a thin cord

I have climbed on fluffed 11mm that were almost 13.8mm   :-\

JJ Jameson:
Yowza. That has to be approaching too small to work properly in a belay device without gloves.
Can you imagine trying to untie that if you took a whipper onto it?
No thanks.

Yeah, that and the stretch. Yeeha. What's the elongation I wonder.

I like the multi-functional use of them. Climb 10 pitches with it in the morning and then go fly fishing with it in the evening on your way home!   ;)

Looks like they come with a specialized belay device.....yeah, that's a skinny cord! :-\


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