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--- Quote from: ELM on February 20, 2013, 08:43:27 PM ---LOL!!!!!!!! Dman how long did it take you to find that in English and French??? That should be your first post to all of Champ's threads... :D

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Stumbled across the french one on accident while searching google images for the right size for this forum... PERFECT!


--- Quote from: Shepherds Pie on February 20, 2013, 07:59:17 PM ---
Agreed.  Does this forum have options for ignoring pics in posts?  I'm in a remote location on dial-up and it takes forever to load just to discover its a flippant attempt at humour that is not funny.

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You make a good argument there. But for consistency, you should re-post every everything you don't like.

lucky luke:
[quote ]
extreme danger: explain that the rescue service is suspended for a certain period and that the climber who risk an adventure into the wild do it at his own risk. Nobody is ging to help them even if they call the 911 because the danger for the rescue is too hight.

Extreme: Avoid all avalanche terrain


I think that the difference is obvious between those two. One is just an obligation of what you have to do: Avoid. In most case, it is arbitrary because you have to decide what is an avalanche terrain. If you don't do it, you will write avoid the mountain.

So, you close the muntain for all activity...

After, that, you will see the same way of thinking between moderate and extreme avalanche. In the accident, one of your said that it is foolish to climb in moderate condition.

I never let some one else take a decision for me when my life is threatening

I really donít see your point. If conditions are nasty one should not think a rescue crew will magically appear if the shit hits the fan. This goes without saying in my opinion. Never rely on rescue, as it may be many many hours away regardless of conditions...

In the case of being avalanched, you have about 15 minutes if you are buried to survive without brain damage... so... who cares if rescue is not coming during extreme danger? Youíre dead anyways...

If you are choosing your climbing route based on how easy you can be rescued itís time to re-think your hobbies...


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