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Fall below Dracula, during Ice Fest

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I just came across this, heard something whispered during ice fest...

Summary someone fell from near the base of Dracula almost back to the tracks and required a carry-out, 2 broken ankles... AMC led trip...

"we tried for a moment to assist him on his feet but determined he could not stand and put him back down."

umm.. ow?   does WFR or whatever not teach how to assess a fracture?    bump test.. compression...  both would have probably been (+)

Yikes! This thread is in response to my blog post. As a disclaimer, my perspective is from that of a novice ice climber and not written for the climbing community. I debated posting it to my personal blog because I didn't want to shed any negative light on those involved. I feel compelled to note that although any accident can be picked apart and I'm sure climbers find ample fault to levy on me and my group, everyone acted responsibly and used error as a tool for learning in discussions after the event.

Good job Adoherty88 for helping out!! You were there and you spent your time helping someone..Good Job! Jake...I have seen many a doc say "can you stand on it" and testing before getting an xray. Training is a tool..not all of us use tools well  :-\. I know you understand.

Ok,  Someone with more advanced medical training, such as the guide.  Should know special tests for fractures so they do not have to have someone stand up on a fractured ankle.   It takes 10 seconds to do a compression test and a bump test and they could then use their time to splint it.   I don't know the extend of this fracture but  in worst or near worst case.. it's a tib/fib and they try to stand up on it and their ankle goes 90 degrees sideways..  now you have even more tissue damage than before.

just my view as a medical professional. 


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