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Home wall anyone?


Been thinking about renovating a wall along the staircase at my house and putting in a climbing wall. I have a pretty good idea what I want to do, but I would be interested in seeing any pictures of other home walls. I still need to get up in the attic and figure out a belay anchor, which may be the most technical part... With 5+kids in the house on the weekends I think it will get used a fair amount.

The wall, as it is now,  is a flat face with a bit more than 8x12. I'm hoping to have 2 different roof overhangs with an adjustable natural granite crack in the middle. The crack system will take a lot of prep time before putting it to use, but I think it will be worth it.

So, any pics?

IMO- most home wall cracks are a waste of time.. a simple jam board is better.
8x12 is kinda big ?  i had an 8x8 cave at 45 degrees and it was  pretty good.. bigger holds, no injuries etc.

it may be cheaper and more interesting to just have tons of holds


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