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Why don't people speak up ?

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The recent gunks shit got me going.. chipping, bad belay, fucking dogs ??????????????

Speak up

Yah- you may piss people off, but..... a bad belay could result in death, easy and maybe a closure ?

Shit- i saw a bolting episode the other day and.. well... it ended...

People ARE speaking up Jon after the video. 

I think what he did was wrong, but it seems like way more people are speaking up about chipping an inanimate rock in New York than are speaking up about our government killing hundreds of innocent women and children in the Middle East via remote controlled predator drones.

I mean, there is wrong, and then there are acts of the Devil.  Bashing rock is not the latter.

OK, I'll bite but limiting myself to the sphere of climbing.  No geopolitical issues.
I am most concerned about behavior and attitudes that threaten access; whether it is bad belaying that leads to serious accidents or deaths, illegal use of power tools, illegal additions of fixed anchors, illegal parking, disrespectful of landowners, shitting on or near trails, loud music, badly behaving pets, etc.
People need to understand that climbing areas are valuable and finite resources, they are not your "hood", your house, or your indoor gym to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with no repercussion.

Eye- i have to respond to politco

Any body that has a problem with the way i live, i have a problem with. You wanna kill innocents ? 9/11.. end of discussion. live the way you want.. don't fuck with me..fight ? absolutlety god damn right

More drones .. kill'm all

A good bud of mine just finished 23 years in the USMC- he's pretty bitter.." they hate us and I hate them'

Hey John. this is why they don't let the guy at the nuclear controls drink scotch on the job.


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