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Fatality on 3/1 in Huntington

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I understand there was a fatality in the Ravine today.  A young HMC climber that I knew - wonderful guy.  Very sad..

sorry to hear this. RIP

Admin Al:
So sorry to hear this. RIP

Admin Al:
I can only find an oblique reference in yesterday's avalanche report here:

The relevant quote:

". We’ve had a busy day on the mountain today. There were human-triggered avalanche incidents in each ravine today. More information will be forthcoming later in the weekend about these incidents.

Todaus avalanche report says:

"I mentioned yesterday’s avalanche activity. Unfortunately, one of those was a fatality in Pinnacle Gully. We know the victim was climbing solo in the gully, but other details are being sorted out at this time. The other avalanche in Tuckerman was a very experienced skier who was carried a short ways downslope when another in his party triggered a slide from above him. There was no burial or injury involved in this incident. We are thankful that this slide ended as it did. Details on both incidents will be posted in the days to come."


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