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Wild Things Insulight jacket

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Does anyone have experience with these jackets?

I am thinking of getting one and looking for some feedback....

Are they warm enough to use as a belay jacket in the whites ice climbing?

Any weight specs or comparison to a similar brand?


How do they compare to something like the MHW hooded compressor for warmth?

Thinking this may be a good jacket for a trip to the pacific northwest this summer....overkill?


I don't have that jacket but I do have their guide soft shell pant and jacket, their belay jacket, and their wind pro hoodie. All awesome quality. I cramponed the pants and they patched Em for free. Also I smashed a pack buckle in my car door and they replaced it for me even though it was my dumb ass mistake. Awesome customer service and it is supporting local:). Just my 2 cents

No insulated hood = not a belay jacket IMO

I use this all over guiding ice and back-country skiing on Mount Washington:

Super good deal, great jacket, but ya, I work there, so read the customer reviews and decide.

Also... I always suggest to go puffy and big with belay jackets... think of it as a contingency plan for un-expected bivies...

i own a similar, older version of this jacket, with hood. Nice and warm, light.. I don't know about it as a belay jacket ? The belay parka is pretty warm though.
WT really seems to have perked up with  CS recently.

I have used their stuff since '81


--- Quote from: strandman on March 06, 2013, 04:49:16 pm ---The <Wildthings> belay parka is pretty warm though...

--- End quote ---

agreed, it’s all I used ice climbing from 2001 to 2007. Loved it... just a bit pricey, but that’s part of shopping “made in USA”


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