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Partner for NY Climbs
« on: March 11, 2013, 05:26:04 am »
Seeking some seasoned rock and ice climbers (tho ice is coming to an end here in NY thus far) for Trad climbs here in NY in the 'Dacks and Gunks.

I have been climbing since the early 80's on and off and climb about lead about a 5.6 right now and follow perhaps a 5.7. My goal is perhaps 5.10's by the end of this year. Seeking someone who is safe, fun, and easy going and doesn't have an attitude or ego issues when it comes to climbing! I have been working out heavily on my Blank Slate and Metolius Board and am in very good shape for a 53 yr old individual - at about 154# at 5 ft 8 in tall.

I like to keep it light and fun - safe tho - and not seeking someone who thinks they are the best thing since slided bread and needs to brag constantly or have their pic taken every 10 mins! (Yes - I have seen and known that type!). That's a huge turn off for me. The 'wise man' stays modest and huble IMHO and can always learn soemthing new when not being a 'know it all.' being confident is one thing - being a braggart is another!

I learned to climb in the early 80's from Don Mellor and Jim Cunningham - both well-known climbers and instructors here in northern NY and authors of guidebooks and such. Great guys honestly.

I climb Trad rock and ice, have all my own equipment and even do some modest routes roped solo here in the summers via TR rig as well. Very comfortable doing roped solo with a 'emergency back up plan' always in place.

Always seeking more partners!

I am a RN that has a lot of time off during the weekdays which makes it ideal for trips to places like the GUNKS and such to beat the weekend crowds!

Michael Urban, RN

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Re: Partner for NY Climbs
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2013, 12:17:21 pm »
Michael, just PMd you. Check it out.