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helmet ??

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i know, i know

IF,, i was going to get helmet for very serious cleaning effort(yes it's worth  it) does it matter which one ??? should i just use my old moto set up ??

it's a one time thing.. but 1,200' long

JJ Jameson:
pm sent. 8)

I like my Petzl Meteor; light and well ventilated even for a hot day.
Never "tested" though.

YA- this one will be tested.. a one time deal for sure.

I even am gonna dig out the old 11mm's for cleaning and maybe even get Donini to help.. I don't want to be the oldest one killed

I like the Petzl Elios. It's a hard shell so it will last longer than a soft shell helmet. It fits my head well and I have never been too hot it in. I usually forget it's on actually.


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