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lucky luke:
or controversial.

You climbed an obvious right-facing flake/corner to an overhang and after you know that you have to climb it to the right. Your last protection is five feet below your feet. No beta on the protection, no beta on the move: 5.10 on-sight.

What do you need in your bag of trick to go over the overhang? There is no bolt.

I would say, for example, enought strength first, and will ask how I can evaluate if I can try it safely. It is a real route that I climbed and strenght was mandatory. 

Been on any nice routes lately, Luke? What did you like about them? Any areas others might not know about that you would suggest people check out? I have only been to a handfull of places in Quebec, but that was years ago. I have been wondering what they are like now.

When doing 1st ascents, this situation is pretty typical,---has been for generations.

Remember that old saying, "( when in doubt-run it out)".


--- Quote ---What do you need in your bag of trick to go over the overhang?
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