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What choice for a 2nd rope for full length raps????

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NY Climber:
Looking for a 2nd rope so I can accomplish full length raps.
So I am wondering - am I better off just buying say - a double rope for this or a 7mm line for this?

I am a little concerned if a 7mm rope is 'beefy' enuff vs. say - even a 8.2 or 8.5mm double rope - which could always 'double' to be used
as a double rope for double rope climbing IF I ever want to go that route.

Any suggestions?

I have found rapping on two significantly different diameter ropes with an ATC type device to be slower and more jerky because of the lower friction and more stretch the thinner rope offers.  I climb mostly on singles.  When we need to do 50m or 60m raps, we bring a skinny second rope, like a 8.5mm or 9mm.  YMMV.

NY Climber:
Interesting....thanks for the info.
I think despite the weight of my 2nd rope that is a 9.6mm Sterling I will just use that instead of thinking about buying a 8.2 or 8.5mm rope for this purpose!
: )

Saving $ is almost always good but as I said YMMV so let others offer their viewpoints before deciding, Michael.

Unless top-roping with groups, I climb on a 9.4 single 100% of the time, and if I need a tag line carry a 9.1mm single... this is perfect in areas where you might need to lead back up to fix a stuck line (Looking at you Red Rocks)


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