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Admin Al:
it is correct as far as I can see. it's 9:55 and the forum says 9:55.

Not sure then what's going on. Just below "Simple Machine Forums", the time is one hour slower than my computers time (which is correct). I'm posting this at 10:54pm.

Still an hour off for me too. I think it's been an hour off for a long time and only recently became two hours off -- probably when the clocks went forward an hour.

Same here. Seems like it might be stuck in Standard Time still.

Admin Al:
I agree that the time thing can be annoying, once you start noticing it. I've been looking into this on the Simple Machines Forum site. Apparently this forum doesn't deal with DST very well. I'm not sure why. I'm looking for a global solution, but haven't found one yet. SIGH that said, apparently there IS an individual solution. There is supposed to be a numeric setting in your personal options called Overall time offset. Yo should be able to set it to -1. That SHOULD resolve the issue until time changes again. As soon as I find a general solution I'll post that I did it...


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