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Winter goals, dreams and landmark climbs for you..

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What are your dream climbs? which climbs were the most influentual for you? Your landmark achievements?

It seems that winter climbs do not give up their pleasures and secrets quite as easily as summer climbs.  That rock climb will be there next week but Called On Account Of Rains may never form on a given year.  The forces nessicary for some of these prize climbs to yeild to my seductions seem quite daunting at times.
 First you need to be in good enough shape.  Strong enough physically and mentally to climb that big route.
Second, the climb needs to be in proper nick for your mental and physical abilitys.

Third, you need to have the time off from work, the right partner available, the ability to travel to the climb on a day that the  weather is within the safe parameters for that climb on a day when the climb is IN..

Fourth, You need to be at the base of your dream climb, with the right partner,the right weather, when your climb is in  shape  WITHOUT a party smack dab in front of you and still have the right head to follow through with the dream.

 It seems that with two jobs and a worn out body meeting all these requirements is a daunting task..

I have looked at Ragnarock Countless times and it usually looked downright menacing from the road or accross the Notch up on Blind Fate. I had gone to Smuggs a few times with the thought of haveing a look at Ragnarock yet had never even hiked over to the base of the climb.  To lead the entire climb a few weeks ago in lean conditions  with my #1 most special partner ever was an incredible experience.

I am totally satisfied with the season simply getting one of my dream climbs. All the other great climbs we did this winter are simply gravy :)

Next year I hope to get at least one of these dreams that are still on my list.. A few have shunned my advances in the past. None of these are likly to be fat and easy or even remotely safe in what is left of this season. Some I have yet to get brave enough to even walk to the base and have a look.......

Positive Thinking.
A Way In The Wilderness
Who's Who In Outer Space
Stormy Monday

Cool report. Can't do much better than having someone like Donini comment on the writing and pics and then say the route, "looks righteous."

You should post some of the pics in this thread. The "out in space" and the one of you just starting the 2nd pitch are really high quality.


I was just talking about positive thinking for being on next years list.Also some stuff at the lake and Ragnarock.

Lets hear some of your dream climbs and the climbs that meant the most to you..  As far as winter climbing goes by far the most influentual experience for me was getting a free ride up Le Promenade from a hitch hiker..  Alden hitched a belay from us and ran the rope up one of the biggest baddest ice climbs in the NE for us. That climb showed me what was possible and opened my mind to the idea that leading stuff like The  Gent, Power Play, Glass M. Ragnarock etc. was possible.
 All it takes is proper mental and physical fitness and a good partner and you both have the the day off from work with good weather (cold enough but not too cold) when the climb is in good enough condition for your ability and getting on the climb without getting skunked due to a conga line..  peice of cake... really  ;)

leading the Last Gentleman the first time felt like a lifetime achievement to me as did Ragnarock and a few other climbs over the years..


Slink. PT is a perfect example. When she is lean and mean she can strike terror in your heart. When she is fat, loose and easy the weekend conga line may well thwart your best intentions yet she is always  one or two sunny warm days away from falling down and being done for the season. :P


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