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i was going to put this in general climbing but..

i wonder how many people have any kind of first aid/ first responder training ? i assume ? that the guides on this site have at least this and more.  WFR ? WEMT ??

I think SOMETHING is essential for anybody that spends time on the rock and ice.

i have to re-up my FR and just noticed that SOLO does Wilderness First  Aid courses.. 2 days $160 seems like a good deal to me.

Admin Al:

I took a full blown college level EMT program back around '98 for the sole purpose of being better prepared to handle a climbing accident. In retrospect, I probably would have been much better off with the SOLO WFR. I hardly remember anything from the program at this point.

I am a Nurse but I was a Paramedic before that. I'm not sure of everyone needs to do a $160 course. At least get a basic first aid course from the Red Cross; hell even just read the book! I do think if you get further into any activity that takes you to remote places you should ramp up your skills so you can be as self sufficent and safe as you can be.

Ed-i agree,, but get something.. i think it's a general climbing thing..

of course I cheat-- regular partners are a trauma Doc ,RN  and WEMT


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