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Sunday - Dracula with George


Admin Al:
Climbed Dracula with George Hurley today. When we got there at 12:30 there were people everywhere and we had to wait a bit to get on Dracula Right, which is what George wanted to lead. I just gotta say that he just whipped it off in great style as was expected. He only brought 7 screws, and placed 7 screws. I'd wanted to do Left after we finished, but there were people queued up for it...and I was getting cold.

George Hurley - 78 years young, 2 bionic knees and still cranking it out. He's my idol!

Admin Al:
pic attached

JJ Jameson:
George is a total stud.
Much respect.

My first day ever climbing was with George at Frankenstein. I remember thinking it was kind of odd how old he was to be working as a guide. That was about 18 years ago lolz. I've never climbed with him since but bump into him every now and then and he's such a class act and a nice guy. Amazing that he's still climbing so strong.


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