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Fred Becky @ IME this Saturday (March 23)

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The living legend himself..

Details from the flyer I picked up:
Saturday, March 23 @ 7:00 PM
International Mountain Equipment
North Conway, New Hampshire
$10 @ door / $5 ACC members
(pizza and beverages included)

I believe it is going to be a slideshow of sorts.

I will be heading up to IME from Portsmouth, NH Saturday evening, if anyone in my area is interested in car polling please let me know.

My first time in Yosemite in 1978 we were at the Manure Pile buttress getting ready to do "After six" when he comes charging up the trail and throws his rope down.  It was just like the legends about him; he had some pretty young blonde woman with him, and he charges up the first pitch of route in like three minutes and off they went. 

Just returned from Fred's presentation and he is as sharp as any twenty year old. He is quick witted and generally very entertaining.
While I was there I ran into none other than our NEClimbs Al. Looking forward to Al's commentary as he is a far better writer than I am.

It was geat to see how sharp Fred was.  Pleasure to meet him after the show.  What a great night.

Admin Al:
It was a great evening and everybody turned out for it. I saw folks I haven't seen for literally years! I was totally impressed with Fred. He's in his upper 80's, still sharp and obviously still climbs some. He has a great sense of humor and his show was very well done. Boy oh boy he has really done some stuff, hasn't he?  :P Any of us should be 20% as prolific in a whole lifetime...

Here's a couple of pictures:


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