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Seems like the appropriate crowd to post this to, especially heading in to the mud and wet rock season.

I have a homebrewing setup for sale. I'm willing to separate some items out with the indicated price

Mini Brew Conical Fermenter with couplings and any tubing I can find to fit it- $110

cooler made in to mashtun--$50

for the following--$140
Small and large grain bags
carboy brush
bottle filler
20qt stock pot
3 growlers
floating hydrometer
floating thermometer
fermenting bucket w/ spigot
a few air locks
some brew magazines and recipe books
a few other random pieces

The bulk of this is a starter kit from Austin Homebrew with some some extras thrown in, such as the stockpot, corker, etc
I'll sell it all for $275. I'm open to offers and price negotiations, as long as they aren't ridiculous


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