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All this talk in the accident thread @ Frankenstein has me wondering. To those that have soloed either rock and/or ice, what route stands out the most as your finest? IMO, there's a distinct none-other rush that comes when completing a solo climb. One that simply cannot be achieved with a rope.

For NE.. Crack in the Woods for sure, I had done it before and trailed a 7mm to get done so it wasn't pure.

Having on-sited that little bugger John, my hat's off to you. My solo envelope ended at 5.9. And only on those I knew really well. Bird's Nest, They Died. Stuff like that. Good solid jams with sharp holds.

No- i had done it before, maybe 3x  SO solid those jams. Esp after 2 months in the Valley.

Agreed. Regardless, a stout solo.


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