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These look interesting


They appear to really be a reusable screamer.

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This is the meat of the tech data

-Where is a load reducing quick draw useful? On the first pieces of protection after the belay to reduce the potential load and therefore minimize the fall factor, and on marginal placements on rock and ice.
-Is the ¨DISSIP¨ shock absorber only for ice climbing? No it can also be used on rock. Its light weight (46g) and small size make it ideal.
-How does it work? When subjected to a force of 300kg the extender sling begins to slide through the holes in the aluminium plate converting the energy of the fall, by friction, into heat. This conversion of energy reduces the impact on your gear.
-How many times can I use it? The Dyneema extender sling is guaranteed for five falls which unravel its entire length. Even if no damage can be seen we recommend retiring the sling at this point as it will have withstood a great deal of heat. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to respect this guideline, as well as the useful lifetime of the extender sling, as explained in the manual. Bear in mind that all synthetic fibers deteriorate on exposal to the sun.
How can I remember how many times I have used it? Each Dyneema extender has a ticket with five ¨fall-marking¨ circles. Whenever the ¨DISSIP¨ unfolds in a fall you should break one of the circles BEFORE resetting it for use, this way you won´t forget to count the fall or mark another ¨DISSIP¨, which has not been unravelled, by mistake.
-How many times can I use the aluminium plate? The hot forged, aluminium 7075 plate is good for a great many falls. If you manage to fall enough times to wear the holes larger you should think seriously about changing sport.

HHMMMM .... i wish the original Wild Things Air voyager were still around  16 tacks,, I never blew out more than 4

How much are yates now ?  $40 ?

This one used no tacks...just friction.


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