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Wife, Ex ,GF BF  whatever--

Let's here it

My wife of almost 27 years WANTS me to climb.. I guess she knows it's in the blood. i did promise her only one or two routes in the Black Canyon.... I'm gettin' soft

My wife (non-climber) tells me to get out of the house and go climb when I get cranky from no climbing or cabin fever.
But at times it has also resulted in scheduling conflicts 9 months of the year.
So, in the end, it is "a wash".  Hopefully it will never have to come down to "it is either me or climbing!".
That would the ultimate between a rock and a hard place situation for me.

Guys/gals, remember to call your s/o the first chance you get if you are late because you "got hung up on a route".
Especially if he/she is a non-climber.

Really depends on the weather. Sometimes wife, sometimes whatever.  :)

Ex-wife climbed a bit after we moved to NH- one of her friends is a guide for EMS.... As many times as I asked, she never wanted me along..... Pretty sure that has something to do with why she is my ex.

Girlfriend now actually got me started climbing last spring and has yet to say anything negative when a new piece of gear shows up on the doorstep. We may not climb very hard but we have fun when we can get to the rock!

This - "We may not climb very hard but we have fun when we can get to the rock!" - is great.  Enjoy it.


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