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Rock or Ice April 6-7th !!!


Hi everyone,

I'm philippe from Montreal, looking for a partner for the week-end of April 6th-7th to either do some Ice Climbing or Rock climbing depending on conditions. I can travel as far as you need me too. I would prefer rock but it looks like winter is not over yet so some good ice is always welcome.

In terms of experience: few years only, mostly indoor, enjoy leading and belaying, have done Witney Gilman second, have lead some in trad and some in ice.

I'm an easy going partner, I will follow you if you know where you are going, and I will support you like a good sherpa :-)

I'm 37 and I don't care Women or Men as long as you bring a good project on the table.


Am i the only one excited here ? My gear is calling me everyday and I can't say no for much longer... Will someone join me at least to try out something ?

Call me 207 838 0690


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