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pre Trip report- penitente


Any of you jamokes want to have fun ?

Peneitente Canyon- clean up and rebolting  june 1st

last year was sushi,, 2 kegs of good stuff and BBQ.  Ho Man !

Wish I could, John.  Last year's sounded GREAT.
Really good work you guys are doing over there.

i brought my hand drill.. Bob d'A said" what the fuck is wrong with you ?"  .....I don'tknow

And he is right (for Penitente)!!

A bit of the stuff 30 minutes away.... 3/4 mile cliff line,, 30-60' high.... i saw FOUR bolted routes.. FOUR

the second photo is a 5 minute approach and the other 2 are 30-60 SECONDS from the camping


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