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I had a quick question. I might try the traverse next week. I'd park near Madison and finish at Webster. What are my options to get back to my car (aside from walking the other way around). I mean, are there any buses, shuttles, taxis that I could call ? I've been hitch hiking before in the area, but I don't want to rely on that. I could always reach the AMC Highland Center, but then what ?

Thanks !

Admin Al:
I believe there is a shuttle between Highland and Pinkham. not sure if they stop at Appalachia. call 'em!

Unfortunately I don't think the shuttle starts till June 1st:

I would still call the Highland Center, 603-278-4453, they might have some ideas.

Check out Views From The Top and other hiker related forums.  This question comes up frequently.  I know there is a "Hiker Shuttle" based out of Gorham.  I am sure there are other options but I expect they are all basically variations on the taxi theme.

Easiest way is to go with someone else and spot a car at the end.  (even when the shuttles are going)


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