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2013 Peregrine Closings

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Admin Al:

In Spring 2013, Peregrine Falcons are nesting on the Summit Cliff.  The entire Summit Cliff (including “Flea Surgeon” and “Northwest Passage”), as well as the Asylum Cliff (climbers’ left), parts of Yellowknife, and the Monolith area (climbers’ right) are temporarily closed to climbing. ALL OTHER CRAGS, including the MAIN CLIFF near Buffalo Road are OPEN.  Your cooperation is essential if these birds are to nest successfully.  Once again, Main Cliff is OPEN, Summit Cliff is CLOSED.

Thanks for your assistance in protecting these birds and the climbing resource!

- Chris

Chris Martin, Senior Biologist
Conservation Department, New Hampshire Audubon
84 Silk Farm Road, Concord, NH  03301

Office phone:  603/224-9909 x317;  Fax:  603/226-0902;
E-mail:;  Web:

New Hampshire Audubon -- Protecting New Hampshire's natural environment
for wildlife and for people.

Posted on another thread, but the central section of Farley is closed, right of the Zen Garden and left of the Four Tiers.
The closed area includes The Courtroom, Main Slab, Pinnacle, Yellow Wall, Pot Ledge Buttress, K2 area, and the Balcony.


Main Cliff is open!  Great!!
Thanks for the post, Al.

Any idea when any closures will occur at Cathedral?

Admin Al:

--- Quote from: danf on April 12, 2013, 06:50:57 pm ---Any idea when any closures will occur at Cathedral?

--- End quote ---

Certainly within the next couple of weeks. I'm waiting for word from Chris Martin.


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